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Stars shine in third edition of Michelin guide San Francisco, Bay Area & Wine Country 10/23/2008

Paris (Oct. 13, 2008) – Michelin today announced its selection for the third edition of the MICHELIN guide San Francisco, Bay Area and Wine Country. The 2009 edition of this MICHELIN guide contains more than 55 new establishments, and features 448 establishments in all – a number that includes 383 restaurants representing 35 types of cuisine, and 65 area hotels.
Among the Michelin stars awarded this year:
  • The French Laundry remains the sole Michelin three-star selection
  • Coi joins the ranks of Michelin two-star restaurants
  • Murray Circle, Plumed Horse, Trevese and The Village Pub join the Michelin one-star selections

The Michelin Guide San Francisco, Bay Area and Wine Country 2009 features the Bib Gourmand category, which indicates Michelin inspectors’ favorites for good value.

This year’s Bib Gourmands include 55 restaurants that serve a menu with two dishes and a glass of wine or dessert for $40 or less. The restaurants awarded this distinction can be identified by a red pictogram depicting the head of Bibendum®, the Michelin Man.
The MICHELIN guide San Francisco, Bay Area and Wine Country 2009 also includes 56 restaurants serving a meal (two dishes and a glass of wine or dessert) for $25 or less. In the selection, these establishments are indicated by the coins pictogram.

As a result, almost a third of the MICHELIN guide San Francisco, Bay Area and Wine Country 2009 selection comprises highly affordable restaurants. While the MICHELIN guide is known around the world for its famous stars, these restaurants account for just ten percent of the selection. With more than 1.2 million copies sold in approximately 100 countries, the MICHELIN guide has always built its success on the diversity of its selection and especially on small establishments offering a high-quality dining experience at an affordable price, of which the best are included in the “Our inspectors’ favorites for good value” category. Moreover, inclusion in the MICHELIN guide is, in itself, synonymous with quality, since only the best establishments in each comfort and price category are selected.

The MICHELIN guide San Francisco, Bay Area and Wine Country 2009 includes a total of 32 “starred” restaurants, of which one – The French Laundry – has received three stars, six two stars and 25 one star. To ensure a consistent selection, the same five criteria are used for awarding stars in all countries: product quality, preparation and flavors, the cuisine’s personality, value for money and consistency.
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