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Michelin Releases the First Edition of the Michelin guide Hong Kong Macau

Hong Kong – December 2, 2008) — The first edition of the MICHELIN Guide Hong Kong Macau has been released today.
It marks the MICHELIN guide’s expanding coverage of Asia, which began with the MICHELIN guide Tokyo. The second edition of the Tokyo guide was released mid-November.

The MICHELIN guide Hong Kong Macau is the 26th guide in the Michelin collection, and the People’s Republic of China the 23rd country covered.

For its first venture into Hong Kong and Macau, the MICHELIN guide offers a selection of the best hotels and restaurants in the two cities in several comfort and price categories. The list includes 202 establishments in Hong Kong, of which 169 restaurants and 33 hotels, and 49 establishments in Macau (33 restaurants and 16 hotels).

The bilingual first edition, in English and traditional Chinese, includes 2 three-star restaurants, 8 two-stars and 18 one-star establishments.

Stars reflect what is in the plate. A restaurant that receives one or more stars is not only one of the best in its country but also one of the best in the world .
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