Tire Changer Wheel Balancer Manual Tire Changer Manual Wheel Balancer Vehicle-Carried video
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    XUANBAO, Ying Kou Communication and Technology Co., Ltd, is a company which professionally produces and manufactures automotive equipment.
  After 16 years development, our products have oriented to five main series: KD Four Wheel Alignment, TT Four Post Lift, XTC Tire Changer, XTB Wheel Balancer and XB Tire Nitrogen Inflator.
  After 16 years effort, our products have spread out each region, and are extending to the whole world.
  It is the administration permeating in the enterprise; the qualifying through ISO 9001-2000; and the rhythmic, detailed and human administration mode that have come into being.
  Due to the advanced sales theory spreading into the market, our company has established products service station within most of the capital cities of our country, and will extend to the whole country.


Yingkou Communication Technology Co., Ltd
ADD: No.77 Gongnong Road, Zhanqian District, Yingkou, Liaoning, China
Zip:115000 Tel:+86-417-3842655 E-mail:xuanbao@xuanbao.com
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